Friday, November 18, 2011

waiting blooooooows

soooooooo...waiting for a mision call is a scary thing. but for me it is twice as scary because going on a mission for me isnt what guys my age that have done the things ive done usually do. For those who dont know which is like everyone even though i dont think anyone reads my blogs (2) haha but i just have to get this little tidbit of information out. :) ha so before my mission i had to be clean of all the habits i developed during my inactive process which includes pretty much every bad sin you can think of for 2 years. Its been a rough two years! sometimes i looked like this! (see above image) but it was worth it! then when i finally got the OK to start my paperwork i was stopped because my stake president thought i should, now im not complaining because i understand the intensity of me going in a mission, its kind of a big deal just cause of the life ive lived, but i am... explaining. you know blogging..yeah. After he had called the mission offices of the church which includes a council with members of the 15 on it i had to wait like 3 weeks for that okay. After i got the okay for that, i busted our my medical stuff in like 2 weeks and finished my paperwork!
After that i went to my bishop and said done! and he said wonderful! and he gave my paperwork to the stake president and as far as i know it has been sent in. BTDUBS accompanied with my paperwork is a letter explaining who i am and what ive done in my life like a reminder to the fifteen ha the prophet and his councilrs and the 12..what a trip. Now is all this worth it? of course! i have never felt so good about something ever. I have had a burning in my bosom for literally six months and i want to serve the lord dang it! i want to show people what i believe and why i believe it. This process has been hard but my dad brought something interesting up the other day; he said something along the lines of, for every sin there is restitution. Whether it be not taking the sacrement or not going to the temple or what have you. mine was both and now i am being tested on my patience which has always been a trial for me. So my restitution could be waiting and having all these problems and testing my will. It is very frustrating sometimes but i just have to remember that god knows us so well and that this situation is a testimony that we are all his children and he knows all of our strengths and weaknesses and knows what will help us the most. It is such a testimony of the truth and validity of the church. its so great! anyway, thats the sitch. Now its just more waiting..good thing its worth it. :)

 sometimes i write rhymes in church.. ima try and find my notepad that i use...well i cant find it so ima freeball some shiz.....alright here we go, waiting for a call is like waiting for a sentence what has brought me to this point is true legit repentance sometimes i would sit days upon days pondering who i am trying all the ways to get things done and feel like ive won all things ive tried to do all the songs ive sung, going inactive from the church, worst mistake of my life,i try to explain all the hurt and forget all the strife but bad memories are rough i dont want to bring up ghost all i know is that this point of time im loving it the most. sure im on edge isnt that how it should be? all i want is god to know that he can trust me, when i sit in church i simply know that its true i love that i feel that way i wish you felt the way i do, like every things cool and we can trust ourselves and know that god has a plan, he knows and he guides its so true that it shows like we are baking a cake for our spiritual lives, you have to believe in the ingredients inside, believe that the sugar will make it sweet, believe that the butter will make it oh so neat, believe that the oven will perfect the batter and believe that this cake will taste delicious after, thats how i think the church is let me show you, its real, you have to believe in your ingredients and feel, believe that there is a god and he really has a plan, believe there is a prophet and that he is just a man, believe in modern revelation and that it is so true. believe in god and know that he believes in you....thats all i got for this one. im super hungry! haha watch this video. makes me smile every time!

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  1. You are remarkable. I feel quite lucky to call you my friend. This sounds quite cliche, but I know that whatever your endeavors are, they will be what the Lord wants from you, and what you need to stretch and grow. I look forward to being a witness of the greatness you will bring forth; whether it comes through time serving as a missionary, or in life's daily tasks. You are worthy of goodness and happiness!